About Hottoh

Hottoh Design – the brainchild of local interior designer, Mervyn Toh – is a niche brand with a unique identity, direction, design and service with passion.

“HOTTOH is a place where clients become friends…”

This philosophy is deeply rooted in his heart as he believes that only by having the interest of the clients in our heart, we can then create the best possible design solutions for their homes.

Mervyn had his career started in this industry more than a decade ago. From humble grounds as a design executive, he rose to key appointment holder, running the firm he was working in. Soon he made his mark to be a partner of the company and received recognition in multiple aspects. The recognition ranges from business awards to multiple media coverage of his design works and design views, both on mainstream TV programmes and Radio channel.

Hottoh Design is an integrated and multi-talented interior design house supported by a team of creative, well-versed and motivated designers bringing global exposure and experience to a bespoke design house. It is part of our business strategy to update ourselves with overseas trip for products sourcing and training as well as for overseas collaborations. And one of the company’s top recruiting criteria is the passion to serve and the passion to learn.

Behind every successful team, is a strong culture, great leadership and a group of committed and passionate individual. We work, laugh, eat and play together. Most of all, we dream together.

Even though design work is the highlight of our portfolio, we also focus on projects that challenge, stimulate and enhance our skills and experience.

We are constantly exploring more possibilities to expand our horizons as we thrive on creating every project with a unique and distinct personality. Our relentless pursuit for a coherent and holistic brand story in the interior design world has set us apart from convention.

At Hottoh Design, you will see an effective blend of character and elegance delivered with simplicity in all our projects, keeping their originality, yet pure.

Today, Hottoh Design is a multi award-winning design house, making its mark as a leading interior design firm locally and also has its eyes set at the regional markets to set the Singaporean spirit of entrepreneurship.

Its dream is to be a Singapore brand and recognised for its perfection in the regional market and to be a leading company cultivating Singapore’s potential in this profession.